In new ads, Romney and Obama speak directly to voters

One type of campaign ad is very simple, with the candidate speaking directly to voters.

These usually show up early in a campaign or at the end, with the candidates introducing themselves or giving a closing argument.

It’s still September, so it seems early for a closing argument.

Then again, early voting already has started in some states.

And, with some big political news — that “47%” Romney tape — the campaign has the feel that it’s reaching a crescendo.

Debate start next week and they will dominate political news for awhile. So here’s a moment for the candidates to put forth their own core messages.

Among its messages, Romney’s ad seems to indirectly refer to what he said to donors about the 47%, as he says, “President Obama and I both care about poor and middle-class families.”

Obama’s ad is longer and it talks about the conditions that existed when he took office, what’s happened, and what he proposes.

Obama ties together his critique of Republican ideas — using Bill Clinton’s convention speech phrase,”double down on trickle down,” with a pitch for the Democratic economic philosophy, which he calls “economic patriotism.”

Amy Fried

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