King’s position stable — for decades

With a new poll out today on the Maine Senate and other other races, independent Angus King’s position in this year’s contest is quite stable.

In fact, King’s position vis a vis other candidates has been very similar for decades.

Just look at this chart, which shows the results for King, a Republican, and a Democrat in two 2012 polls and in the votes of November 1998, when he was re-elected as governor.

Angus King vs a Republican and DemocratThe individual Republicans and Democrats were different, but the pattern is the same and the numbers quite close.

I don’t have time to discuss this right now, but please add your thoughts below.

Polling data are from the Maine People’s Resource Center and WBUR. While not pictured in the graph, MPRC found 10% saying they were undecided, with 17% undecideds in the WBUR poll.

Election results are from the Elections Division, Department of the Secretary of State.

Amy Fried

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