The April 24 Republican Senate candidate faith forum

Three social conservative groups sponsored a Bangor forum for Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate tonight.

Four candidates attended.

Some statements — and actions — really struck me.

Bruce Poliquin loves props. He not only took out his pocket copy of the Constitution but at one point brought out a piece of oak molding to make the point that the Maine Housing Authority has used too high quality building materials. He’s also having a lots of “fun as state treasurer.”

Scott D’Amboise is very proud of having challenged Olympia Snowe. He mentioned this several times as a way of establishing his conservative bona fides. He had a bit of problem with names, calling Justice Ginsberg “Ginzenheimer” several times. D’Amboise also said teachers don’t teach about the Pilgrims anymore.

Debra Plowman was the most passionate about abortion. At one point Plowman said we could try to imagine G-d’s hurt if he received a baby killed by abortion and “when you get to judgment, please don’t say the Maine Legislature said it was ok, because that’s not how it works.” She also said that because she’s won nine local elections, she’s the one who can best beat Angus King and the Democratic candidate and win in November.

Rick Bennett is focused on Angus King and the economy. His closing statement focused on being able to win and mentioned King, but not the Democrats. He presented himself as a “recovering politician,” said the national debt is “immoral,” and cast pretty much every issue, including funding for Planned Parenthood in economic and fiscal terms.

Amy Fried

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