Not much of a win for Romney in Maine GOP caucuses (Now with a link to detailed results)

Although the Romney campaign is surely happy that the headlines out of Maine show him winning the GOP caucuses — a result without Washington County, whose caucus was postponed because of a snow storm — he doesn’t have much to brag about.

Romney’s vote share is quite a bit below what he received in 2008, when he received over 50% of the vote. In 2012, he got under 40%. This is not exactly resounding support to the New Englander in the race.

Maine’s GOP caucuses could very well could end up with Ron Paul getting more votes and more delegates.

Here’s the detailed results as of February 11.

Frankly, with weather having prevented some caucuses from meeting, it’s hard to believe the official GOP statement that these are the final results — but that’s what’s now being said.

Amy Fried

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