Two questions about the proposed Maine health care cuts

Does anyone — anyone — think that two-thirds of the Maine Legislature would have passed a two-year budget in June 2011 that included large tax cuts, along with the massive cuts in MaineCare now on the table?

Now the governor, who, at one point said that he found these cuts regrettable, says that he almost vetoed the budget because there weren’t enough decreases in “welfare,” while saying the tax cuts must remain.

So will the Maine Legislature give him what he really wanted back in June?

Amy Fried

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Amy Fried loves Maine's sense of community and the wonderful mix of culture and outdoor recreation. She loves politics in three ways: as an analytical political scientist, a devoted political junkie and a citizen who believes politics matters for people's lives. Fried is Professor of Political Science at the University of Maine. Her views do not reflect those of her employer or any group to which she belongs.