Why mislead?

Maine politics and criticisms of the MaineHousing

A saying of my creation is: When something is going on that doesn’t make any sense, something else is going on.

This saying applies to continued misleading comments from Maine Treasurer Bruce Poliquin about a particular housing project that’s being built.

As Susan Cover of the Portland Press Herald explains:

At issue is Elm Terrace, a 35-unit development in a historic building on High Street in Portland. It’s one of four developments statewide in the past three years that have exceeded $270,000 in per-unit costs. McCormick said she rejected a proposed $314,000 per-unit cost for Elm Terrace, insisting that it be lowered to $265,000.

Yet Poliquin continues to cite the $314,000 figure.

Could it possibly be that Poliquin is unaware that the numbers he is using are wrong?

Well, Dale McCormick, MaineHousing executive director says, no, that’s not possible.

As McCornick told Cover, “I have given Bruce Poliquin the facts many times, but it doesn’t seem to move him.”

OK, so now we have something going on that doesn’t make sense.

What else is going on?

Amy Fried

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