Know Your Gingrich Lore

Book recommendations of the day

The last time I looked, very inexpensive used copies of both books could be ordered on-line.

1. “Tell Newt to Shut Up”
The words are a Republican congressman’s, the time is just after Mr. Gingrich took leadership of the 104th Congress, having led the Republican Revolution of 1994, and the book is by two Washington Post reporters, David Maraniss and Michael Weisskopf. It’s a great read, if only for the words of advice given by Rep. Sonny Bono about Gingrich’s need to learn how to operate as a leader in the spotlight, advice Gingrich did not follow.

2. The System
This fabulous book by two other Washington Post reporters, Haynes Johnson and David Broder, is wider in scope (and far lengthier), as it focuses on the Clinton health care plan. But it has remarkable comments from Gingrich, including Gingrich saying wanted to stop all health care reforms from passing because, if they passed, they would tie middle-class Americans to the Democratic party and help President Clinton’s political prospects.


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