What we know

Two comments from students hit me this week. 

In one discussion a student said: I’m from xxxx. When I moved to Maine, I couldn’t believe it when my roommate said she didn’t have health insurance and didn’t go to the doctor until she got pretty sick.

In the other case, a number of students said: We didn’t learn much, well, practically nothing about the Reconstruction in high school. 

There are any number of differences between these two comments but they have one thing in common: They suggest that a chunk of what people know simply comes from inadvertant exposure.   


Amy Fried

About Amy Fried

Amy Fried loves Maine's sense of community and the wonderful mix of culture and outdoor recreation. She loves politics in three ways: as an analytical political scientist, a devoted political junkie and a citizen who believes politics matters for people's lives. Fried is Professor of Political Science at the University of Maine. Her views do not reflect those of her employer or any group to which she belongs.